Visitor Conduct & Etiquette Guide

Visitor Conduct and Etiquette – Rules and Regulations

Olivewood Memorial Park is a cemetery, not a public park. Visitors are invited to utilize the cemetery grounds in a manner consistent with its purpose as a place of interment and as a memorial. Persons not complying with these visitation rules will be directed to leave the cemetery grounds. No persons shall:

1. Enter or depart from the cemetery except through an established gate; enter or remain within the cemetery after the cemetery gates are locked. Trespass or loiter upon any grave or lot of which he does not hold the Burial Right. Persons other than lot owners or relatives shall not be permitted to loiter in the park, or in any of its buildings.

2. Carry into or consume within the cemetery any intoxicating substance. The possession and/or consumption of any alcoholic beverage or drug is strictly prohibited. Visitors observing such inappropriate/illegal behavior are encouraged to call the Riverside Police Department 951.826.5700.

3. Hold or participate in any gathering or recreational activity, or any other use of cemetery grounds which is not in keeping with respectfulness and commemoration of the dead. Prohibited activities include but are not limited to: running, jumping, climbing, playing and other boisterous conduct; picnics and/or parties involving cooking/BBQ or serving of any kind of food or refreshment and live music performances. Tents, canopies or awnings are prohibited, chairs and personal umbrellas are permitted, providing you remain within the boundary of the grave you are visiting.

4. Children must be always under the direct supervision of a responsible adult. The cemetery is not a playground, or recreational park, as such, the use of bicycles, skateboards, scooters, or the playing of games of any sort is not allowed; the climbing of trees is absolutely forbidden.

5. Cut, remove, or injure any growing flowers, plants, shrubs, or trees in the cemetery. Deface, disturb, injure, or mark or write upon any memorial, fence, or structure in the cemetery. The destruction, theft, or disturbance of any monument, marker or mausoleum, or their defacement in any manner, shall constitute a desecration of the grave site and shall be punishable by applicable law.

6. Deposit litter, trash, or debris within the cemetery except in receptacles which are provided for that purpose.

7. Bring any dog or other domesticated animal within the boundaries of the cemetery, on any type of leash, or running free without a leash. Service animals are allowed as required by law.

8. Make disturbing noises that disturb the peace of other visitors, including but not limited to: yelling, loud conversation, sounding of horns, sirens and loud radios. Offensive language is not permitted.

9. Solicit the sale of any service or commodity within the cemetery. Place any signs, notices, or advertisements of any kind in the cemetery.

10. Park in such a manner that it impedes the natural flow of traffic by blocking access to roads, drive at speeds in excess of 10 mph, drive or park upon the grass. Park, or cause to remain parked, any vehicle within the cemetery unless in attendance at burial services or otherwise be engaged in activities which call for presence within the cemetery.

11. Place on graves any statues, pinwheels, balloons, stuffed animals, toys, glass (incl. jars, vases, bottles, containers), candles, brac-a-brac, lawn ornaments, items on stakes, fences, solar lights, decorative rocks, food or any other unauthorized items. Such items will be removed and discarded by cemetery personnel at their discretion without compensation to the owner. Designated Cemetery Decoration Holiday periods allow for some of the above items, see Decoration of Plots for more details on allowed items.